"Every company is in sales business and needs a customer, 
every customer is a company in sales business and needs a customer"
Hi, I am Roy
and I'm here to help you to create seamlessly integrated company-wide Customer Success function. 
Whether you're looking to establish a new framework or elevate your existing, my goal is to ensure that Customer Success function will create value both internally and externally. 
In today's competitive market, transforming company to fit in an Ecosystem of Value is gaining importance and the Customer Success function is specifically designed to play a crucial role in elevating your business to the next level.
After dedicating more than 20 years to the ever-evolving realm of Cyber Security, navigating through various companies and roles, I've acquired a panoramic view of the business landscape. The emergence of Customer Success coincided with the rise of Company Culture and the era of Digital Disruption. I consider myself fortunate to have been actively engaged in both, witnessing firsthand the transformative innovation they brought.
Unfortunately, the true potential of Customer Success still remains largely untapped due to persistent misunderstandings. The archaic notion that "one cannot serve two masters" in business casts a shadow on its full realisation. Yet, my experiences have consistently proven the opposite. Working in roles that positioned me at the forefront of customer interactions to close significant deals, I've learned a important lesson - trust is earned through delivering tangible value. Communication with empathy, understanding customer needs, conducting proper product fit for their environment, delivering as promised, and transforming their business cyber-secure - matters even for clients of your clients!
Creating true and tangible value in business, is most rewarding and sustainable business model to be found today. For that reason I want to focus helping companies to transform and become if not bigger in size, certainly to become better prepared for constantly evolving marketplace, where creation of the value is the paramount.
"In the evolution of success, it's not just individual elements that matter, but the seamless integration of today's advanced techno-logical innovation, strategic investments, a keen understanding of the constantly evolving business environment, and genuine human interactions that secure the foundation for the company of tomorrow."

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